Welcome To The Junior Cabins!

Just east of the Rec Hall is the Junior Unit, consisting of 9 seasonal cabins, each with four bunks. As well as a massive fire ring with benches to seat 100, outdoor toilets, running water, and electricity are also part of this unit.

The Rec Hall, an open-air pavilion, hand-built by members of Circle Pines, is just east of the goat barn and offers ample space for folk dancing, music, and other various programs and activities. The Rec Hall has a large stone fireplace and a stage for theater and other performances.


Juniors Cabins

Cabin Features:

  • Wood stove/space heater in winter months.
  • PortaJohn (all seasons)
  • Bathouse (only in warm season) within short walking distance Shower in Swallows in winter.

Cabins & Beds:

  • (10) Open Air Cabins (sleep 4 each) with twin beds.

*Bring your own bedding, pillows, and shower supplies.