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Work at Circle Pines Center

Circle Pines Center currently has a variety of available opportunities for those looking to work at Circle Pines Center as a career, seasonally, or at the summer camp.


Summer Camp & Seasonal Staff Opportunities

Summer Camp is one of our most treasured programs. We devote the majority of our collective staff time and resources to developing this immersive experience, where the youth of all backgrounds and walks of life can spend time in nature together, learning to cooperate through work and play. We hire skilled and caring people, ages 18 and over, who love to work with children in an integrated, intergenerational, community setting. Are you passionate about social and environmental justice, movements of peace and equality, and/or the natural landscape of rural Michigan? Want to share that passion with a group of unique and inspiring kids as you learn and grow side by side? Summer staff must be available to work from June 29 to August 17, 2018. LGBTQ and people of color are especially encouraged to apply.

Grounds Coordinator

Help to keep grounds and facilities in general order as well as ordering materials and providing guidance to work project groups.

Unit Counselors

Directs care and supervision of campers in all phases of the camp day.  Each counselor will also lead during work projects, daily activities, and evening programs.  Counselors work with one of the following units:  Acorn (8-11 years old), Junior (11-13 years old), Youth (13-17 years old), or YALs  (16-17).

Waterfront Director

The waterfront director is responsible for all waterfront activity, waterfront equipment, and safety.  They supervise the lifeguard team during all structured and unstructured swim time.


Assist the waterfront director with lifeguarding and all other waterfront activities.

Lead Cook

Responsible for daily operations in kitchen, including meal preparations and timely delivery. Manages and schedules staff. Creates menu and oversees food preparation. Enforces safety and sanitation standards.

Kitchen Assistant

Assists with meal preparation based on explicit instructions. Follows safety & sanitation directions

Work Project Leader

Plan and facilitate daily work projects each morning of camp (garden, nitty-gritty (general cleaning), construction projects, or trail maintenance.  Must be able to clearly communicate project goals in a fun and engaging manner.  Must maintain safe and orderly project site.

Program Leader

Facilitates cumulative creative projects with campers and staff. These projects may be related to session themes and take place during work projects, Youthie 3rd hour and afternoon activities.

Available on a session by session basis.


Volunteers assist with work projects, afternoon activities, general cleaning and staff back up. Volunteers with cars may be asked to run errands and provide transportation.

Garden Assistant

(March-October) Enthusiastic individual to help maintain our gardens at Circle Pines Center. Our current program is made up of a large organic garden, apple orchard, and a sugar maple grove. The job includes, but is not limited to, the following duties:

  • Assisting Senior Gardener with:
  • Planting, weeding and watering;
  • Maintaining fencing;
  • Overseeing volunteers;
  • Overseeing garden work projects during summer camp and workbees;
  • Maintaining the compost piles;
  • Managing wild edible program;
  • Assisting with maple syrup operation and apple cider making;
  • Assisting with orchard maintenance;
  • Food preservation efforts;
  • Assisting in other areas when needed.

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Year-round Opportunities

Circle Pines Center hires support staff and seasonal positions to maintain the level of service and quality that our friends, members and camp families have come to expect. The positions described below are full-time, year-round. As a full-time seasonal CPC employee, a portion of your compensation will come in the form of room and board. Most full-time staff live on the property and keep irregular, albeit flexible, hours.

A crucial component of each position at Circle Pines is extending hospitality towards our members and guests during weekend events. Each position will also require involvement in summer camp programs (June-August). Interaction with youth and volunteers will be a large part of your position.

Submit your Resume for a Year-Round Position

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