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Circle Pines Center
8650 Mullen Road
Delton, MI 49046

In addition to hiring Summer Camp staff, Circle Pines Center hires support staff and seasonal positions in order to maintain the level of service and quality that our friends, members and camp families have come to expect. The positions described below are full-time, seasonal positions. As a full-time seasonal CPC employee, a portion of your compensation will be come in the form of room and board. Most full-time staff live on the property and keep irregular, albeit flexible, hours.

A crucial component of each position at Circle Pines is extending hospitality towards our members and guests during weekend events. Each position will also require involvement in summer camp programs (June-August). Interaction with youth and volunteers will be a large part of your position.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: (Year-round) Click here for job description.  To apply: Email resume and three references to Board President, Meryl Domina.

KITCHEN MANAGER/COOK: (Year-round) Person with a passion for good healthy food, experience cooking from-scratch meals for groups, and an appreciation for locally-sourced and organic ingredients. Click here for the full job description.

GARDEN ASSISTANT: (March-October) Enthusiastic individual to help maintain our gardens at Circle Pines Center. Our current program is made up of a large organic garden, apple orchard, and a sugar maple grove. The job includes, but is not limited to, the following duties:

  • Assisting Senior Gardener with:
  • Planting, weeding and watering;
  • Maintaining fencing;
  • Overseeing volunteers;
  • Overseeing garden work projects during summer camp and workbees;
  • Maintaining the compost piles;
  • Managing wild edible program;
  • Assisting with maple syrup operation and apple cider making;
  • Assisting with orchard maintenance;
  • Food preservation efforts;
  • Assisting in other areas when needed.


To apply: Please submit resume with cover letter and references attached and mail to:

Circle Pines Center

8650 Mullen Rd.

Delton, MI 49046

or email to: