Camp Rates

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YAL – Young Adult Leader: Special Registration Instructions

Circle Pines Center Acorn Unit


Two-Week Sessions

Sessions 1 and 3

Register by Feb. 5 $1,150/session

Register by Apr. 15 $1,175/session

Register after Apr. 15 $1,200/session


One-Week Sessions

Session 2 

Register by Feb. 5 $550/session

Register by Apr. 15 $575/session

Register after Apr. 15 $600/session

First Week of Session 1*

Add $100 to Session 2 Rates

Changeover Weekends

(between sessions)


(includes laundry service)


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YAL – Young Adult Leader: Special Registration Instructions

DISCOUNTS and Coupon codes for On-line Registration

Register and pay in full by January 15: $25/camper/week (also eligible for Super-Early discount)

Super-Early Discount: Register by February 5: $50/camper/session

Register by April 15: $25/camper/session

Circle Pines Members: $25/camper/week (dues must be paid for current year) – Coupon code: MEMBER

Siblings: $25/camper/session – Coupon code: SIBLING

Additional Sessions: $25/camper/session – Coupon code: ADDITIONAL

Camper Recruitment: $75/new camper recruited (siblings not included) – No coupon, fees will be reduced upon notice of recruitment and registration of new camper(s)

Register on-line or complete a registration form (one per camper) and submit it with a $100 deposit for each session and camper. We will email (or mail upon request) other camp forms, and a parent manual which includes a list of things to bring to camp and travel directions. Electronic health forms are included with the on-line registration. Register early; there are only 70 camper spots per session. All camp fees are due by July 9. Alternate payment plans may be set up with the Center Director or via the on-line registration system. The $100 deposit is non-refundable. The balance of fees are refundable until four weeks before a session begins. After that, a medically verified reason is required for a refund of camp fees. No refunds will be given once camp begins.

The Campership fund is supported by donations from members, friends and organizations. This fund enables us to help families who cannot afford the full fee. We try to assist as many families as we can with available funds, and therefore, we rarely grant full Camperships. Awards are based on financial information that is reviewed and held in strict confidence by our Campership Committee. To apply for a Campership, register for camp and fill out a campership application.  Contact the office if you cannot afford the $100 deposit. If you do not receive an adequate award, your deposit will be refunded in full.

*ONE WEEK OPTION FOR SESSION 1: We allow campers to register for the first week of Session 1 (for $100 more than our one week session). They then have the option of staying the second week if the camper, parents and counselors all agree this is appropriate. If they do stay for the second week, the fees for that week are $600.