Camp Food

Locally Sourced Organic Summer Camp Meals

CPC is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture and the slow food movement. Kitchen staff members work hard to provide delicious and nutritious meals from scratch using primarily local and organic ingredients. We source camp food from over 15 local farm families in Southwest Michigan. Meat dishes are prepared using pasture fed and humanely raised animals.  Prior to each meal, the kitchen staff educates campers and staff as to the source of the food they are about to enjoy, then someone will contribute a musical offering.  Vegetarian alternatives are always available, and a Vegan or dairy free diet can be accommodated with advance notice.  Please contact the summer camp directors if your camper has any specific dietary needs or allergies.


Brickyard Farms

Crane Dance Farm 

Farm Country Cheese

Green Eagle Farm

Green Gardens Community Farm

Mooville Creamery 

Mud Lake Farm

Otto’s Turkey Farm

Otto’s Chicken